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Qualstar has been a major player in the practical implementation of Big Data solutions for more than two decades! Their tape libraries include models ranging from entry-level to enterprise, and all models offer the advantages that have made Qualstar an industry leader:


  • Cost-effective – typically offering the best price/performance available, with no hidden costs such as slot licensing fees
  • High reliability – hot-swappable, redundant component options, as well as an optional independent monitoring system designed to ensure the dependability of both your stored data and the tape library itself
  • Best warranty – standard no-cost three-year warranty, unrivalled in the industry
  • “Green” and mean – optimized for low power consumption using Qualstar’s own high efficiency N2Power brand of power supplies wherever applicable
  • Convenient growth path – field-expandable systems to increase your storage capacity as your business needs grow
  • Online remote support – advanced software tools enable our top-notch technical support team to diagnose issues no matter where your system is located


Our focus on Vertical Markets

Fundamental to the evolution of Big Data has been the progressive digitization of media – voice, music, photos, drawings and videos, for example. As digital storage methods and standards evolved, industries embraced them in order to reduce their ever-increasing volumes of paperwork. Added advantages included much faster search and access times, automated data storage redundancy, reduced staffing needs, and so on. Nonetheless, each industry has its own unique application needs. To meet those needs, Qualstar is developing solutions specific to several of the vertical markets to which our customers belong:


  • Media & Entertainment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government & Military
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Imaging
  • Banking
  • Surveillance

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